Quick catch up.

Whoops, I haven’t posted for awhile as it has been pretty hectic here lately and with the amazing weather we are having are at the moment I don’t seem to have much time for blogging!!

A quick catch is in order I think, Me Made May was a success as far as I am concerned, by taking part it had given me the confidence to wear my makes as part of my every day wardrobe – so much so I have set myself a challenge that by this time next year 80% of my wardrobe will be home made!

I completed my wrap dress for the ‘sew together this summer’ challenge and I’m really pleased with it, though I had to my a lace modest top to go under it as I couldn’t stop the gapping at the front and I’m not particularly blessed in the boob department! I absolutely love the fabric I used from a https://www.minervacrafts.com and the pattern I used was a free pattern with Love Sewing Magazine – McCalls M6884. I found it very easy to follow with clear instructions.

The end result….not a particularly flattering photo of me – I really must make more of an effort when taking photos of my makes!!



I’ve been a busy bee month stepping out of my comfort zone with my sewing. I’ve revisited button holes and collars, then tackled stretch fabric!! Will I be attempting any of these again -most definitely!!

First the collar – I have avoided them in the past as I could never get the points equal or the edges didn’t line up at the neck or just simply didn’t sit right – so easier not to do them. The trouble with avoiding them though is I won’t learn how to do them correctly and improve my skills, which is what I am wanting to achieve with my sewing. So whilst trying to decide what to make with some pretty floral fabric I had bought my daughter suggested a short sleeve blouse for which I just happened to have a pattern for in my stash of old patterns. Although I felt unsure about it due to the collar and buttonholes I went ahead and gave it a go and I am so glad I did. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos whilst making this blouse, just two actually, one prior to cutting out and the other waiting for me to pluck up the courage to do those button holes. I’m pleased to say it does now have buttonholes and buttons! I did several practice runs on scrap fabric and measured and double checked before I attempted the real thing and if I’m honest it wasn’t anywhere as bad I as expected or remembered. I think the key to it all is to take it slow, practice and chill.

I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it on the Fabric Galore stand at Olympia in March and I am delighted with the way it came together to make the blouse, which is already being worn and enjoyed in my everyday wardrobe.

The pattern itself was very easy to follow and to construct, one I shall be using again, not really sure where it came from, it may have been one of my mum’s.

Does anyone else have a fear of collars and buttonholes?

My Me made May summer top.

I fell in love with this top the moment I saw it as a free gift with Sew Now magazine.


I didn’t make it straight away as I wasn’t sure what fabric to use and I had a trip to the Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia coming up, so hoped I would find something there – I actually found slots and lots there!!  This was my chosen fabric, I bought 2m’s.


It is beautifully floatly, super cool to wear and has a wonderful drape.  Unfortunately I don’t know the blend of fibres. I was a little nervous to sew with it as I haven’t really sewn much in the past with ‘slippery’ fabrics. Prior to staring it  I did take my overlocker in for a long over due service and I am so very glad I did, it is a dream to work with now and will be sewing a lot more garments over the next few months!  I did take extra time to tack the seams prior to sewing to avoid the fabric slipping whilst stitching.

The pattern itself is very easy to follow, I made view B, I thought the tie might be a bit tricky but not at all, the instructions are very clear.


I did wash and press the fabric before cutting out.  I have never washed fabric before when sewing but I really didn’t want this to shrink once it was made. Washing fabric is a new habit I am encouraging on my journey back into sewing.   I even have enough fabric left to make a camisole top.


My overlocker doing it’s stuff and below the end result!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this top and will definitely be making it again as well as some of the other views.  This top has easily become part of my everyday wardrobe.


Pleated top.

I was taught dressmaking by my mother and grandmother, first by hand (not my favourite way) then I was allowed to use grandma’s  Jones treadle machine, which I still have! I would make clothes for my dolls, as I got older I moved onto making my own clothes.  Mum and I could spend a whole day in Gordon Thodays (fabric shop), sitting upstairs going through all the pattern books and downstairs to choose our fabrics, it was what Saturdays were made for!!

Living in Cornwall now I am restricted to 1 fabric shop locally so I am learning to shop online for fabric these days.   I discovered Fabrics Galore through Love Sewing magazine 48 and one of their free patterns, I loved the fabric they had used for the top but it was all sold out by the time I logged on, hardly surprising as it is lovely.

These were my first 2 fabric online purchases from Fabrics Galore.


Although neither are colours I would normally choose, I fell in love with them! I had planned to make the top from Love Sewing magazine 48 with them, the lilac and green is completed and I am pleased with it.  The pattern is a pdf download and very easy to follow, ideal for refreshing my sewing skills.


My version,


I will make this top again but next time I shall use a lighter fabric with more drape properties that will accentuate the pleat detail and possibly a plain fabric.

I haven’t used the orange fabric yet as I am now thinking more of a dress, shorts or a skirt rather than top.  I have also made the skirt on the front top right corner from this issue as well but that’s another post.



My crochet journey – Part 1

One Sunday back in Oct 2016, I decided that if my eldest daughter could teach herself to crochet via YouTube then so could I. After watching a number of different videos and not liking them for one reason or another I came across Bella Coco’s You Tube Videos and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve never been very good at practising new tasks, I expect to be able to do it straight away, which surprisingly never happens!! My first attempts,


As you can see far from perfect but I was really pleased with them, so I carried on and bought some cotton yarn to make some dishcloths – at least my practice pieces would be put to good use then and being impatient I had to try a different stitch!  This dishcloth is still going strong, though the colours have faded and on first use they did run slightly!



Skye Tweed Wrap


So I have decided to return to blogging after over a year off, there have been huge changes in my life since I last posted but I shan’t go into all that now.  I’ve changed the title of my blog as photography is not my main pastime any more, I may get back into it one day but for now the camera kit is having a break.  I’ve no real set plan for the blog other than sharing creativity and I shall just see how it evolves.

Last year I went to Westpoint in Exeter to a craft exhibition (can’t remember the name of it) and I fell in love with a wrap on display. I hadn’t done any sewing for a number of years but I couldn’t come home without it.  Thankfully it is a very simple design, just two rectangles of fabric and lining and three buttons!!  I don’t normally go for brown but I just loved the combination of this wool with the pretty cotton lining.  The pattern and fabric is from Coolcrafting 



I am really pleased with the end result even though the neckline doesn’t lay quite to my liking but I still enjoy wearing it teamed with jeans and brown boots.

The mojo is definitely coming back!

Well another weekend has gone by and though I say it myself it has been a good one – especially with the camera.  Yesterday morning was my ‘Heligan fix’ in the bird hide lol!! Then last night I dragged Mick out for a walk along the river bank to see if there were any Heron’s – which surprisingly there wasn’t but I did get some photos and in the process discovered that my 50D is giving up the ghost 😦 will have to look into getting it repaired as it is a handy second body.

Nuthatch at Heligan, pleased with it but still needs working on 🙂 – my excuse to keep going back to photograph them – in case you haven’t gathered I love Nuthatches!



Anemone first thing this morning in the garden




I managed to catch the Wren again, not as sharp as I would like – yet 🙂



Curlew – from our walk down by the river




Thank you for looking. 🙂

More small garden birds at Heligan.

I took myself off to Heligan again early Saturday morning to spend some time with my camera and reacquainting my interest.  My plan was to get to the hide first thing (as a Friend of Heligan, we can go in an hour before opening time on Fri and Sat) and spend some quiet time watching and photographing the birds. They are a lot of young around at the moment which makes my life easier as they tend to sit in one place for a while unlike the parents who are flitting back and forth to them!!   Have to say I am really enjoying renewing my interest in photography with the help of these lovely little birds.


I am pretty sure this is a baby Robin.


Great Tit


Female Chaffinch


Wren –  I was delighted to not only see this little chap but to actually get a photo of him made my day.  We have them in the garden but they are so quick and shy that I have never managed to get a photo before.



House Sparrow feeding it’s young – not a brilliant photo but I was happy to get it 🙂