The mojo is definitely coming back!

Well another weekend has gone by and though I say it myself it has been a good one – especially with the camera.  Yesterday morning was my ‘Heligan fix’ in the bird hide lol!! Then last night I dragged Mick out for a walk along the river bank to see if there were any Heron’s – which surprisingly there wasn’t but I did get some photos and in the process discovered that my 50D is giving up the ghost 😦 will have to look into getting it repaired as it is a handy second body.

Nuthatch at Heligan, pleased with it but still needs working on 🙂 – my excuse to keep going back to photograph them – in case you haven’t gathered I love Nuthatches!



Anemone first thing this morning in the garden




I managed to catch the Wren again, not as sharp as I would like – yet 🙂



Curlew – from our walk down by the river




Thank you for looking. 🙂


More small garden birds at Heligan.

I took myself off to Heligan again early Saturday morning to spend some time with my camera and reacquainting my interest.  My plan was to get to the hide first thing (as a Friend of Heligan, we can go in an hour before opening time on Fri and Sat) and spend some quiet time watching and photographing the birds. They are a lot of young around at the moment which makes my life easier as they tend to sit in one place for a while unlike the parents who are flitting back and forth to them!!   Have to say I am really enjoying renewing my interest in photography with the help of these lovely little birds.


I am pretty sure this is a baby Robin.


Great Tit


Female Chaffinch


Wren –  I was delighted to not only see this little chap but to actually get a photo of him made my day.  We have them in the garden but they are so quick and shy that I have never managed to get a photo before.



House Sparrow feeding it’s young – not a brilliant photo but I was happy to get it 🙂


Lost Gardens of Heligan Part 2

Following of from yesterday’s post about Heligan here are some more images that I took,  the flower garden is looking and smelling amazing at the moment.


Thank you for looking. 🙂




Trip to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Part 1

Having renew my Heligan Friends membership at the beginning of the month I took myself off there this morning with the sole intention of taking some photos of the birds.  I had the hide to myself for over an hour and considering I haven’t done much photography of late I am very pleased with what I achieved.  For some reason my camera battery is not holding it’s charge lately so although I left the house with a full battery by the time I turned the camera on it was only three quarters full!!!!  Time for a new battery I think – probably dying due to lack of use lol.











A walk around The Dodman.

I mentioned a few post ago that I had lost my mojo a good few months ago, I really want to get it back as I so love taking photos and I love my camera. I use to take my camera everywhere with me but for ages now I haven’t bothered, in fact I even thought of selling it all – but then thought how silly as I would only go out and buy another one!!!  So instead I started to use my phone all the time for photos whilst we were walking, then I made the effort  to take my compact with me and use that instead of the phone.
At least it is light and easy to carry.  So for the last few weeks I have been literally just snapping away as we walk, the results are nothing special but at least I am taking some.  I do believe my mojo is coming back now, certainly with Mr Todd on the scene now, just hope he stays long enough for me to really get back in the swing of things.

So here are a few from our walk on Saturday.

As we parked the car this was the first thing we saw we made us laugh, this sheep sat there watching us through the bars of the gate.


We walked through the gate and started to go down the path to be met by this one – who did not look too impressed at our being there!


The view as we walked across one of the fields.


Sat on the top of The Dodman looking out to sea, it was very windy up there so we didn’t stay as long as usual.  No jellyfish to be seen today, the sea has been full of Barrel Jellyfish around the rocks, you look down and the sea is full of them.


I am never quick enough to capture butterflies or anything that flies if honest, but this bee was very obliging and stayed put long enough for me to get a photo.


Looking down on Vault beach, we have to walk back to the house right at the end on top – that little grey dot! You may have to enlarge and zoom in to see it lol


That was the last one taken.  Thanks for looking if you have got this far, please feel free to leave a comment, like everyone I like to read them 🙂

100 happy Days 46 & 47



Day 47 – I don’t get many butterflies in the garden so was delighted to see this one early this evening.



Day 46 – may sound daft but I love my garden gate.


100 Happy Days – 45

Today has been such a good happy day all round that it is impossible to pick one thing for my Happy photo, though I guess it helps that I only managed to photograph one of them lol – another telephone box for the collection.  This one is in Pentewan Village where I met a friend this morning to walk the Pentewan Trail, then a cuppa in the sun, a perfect morning.


 After that it was home to find Mick had bought pasties for lunch – delicious, then some scrapbooking and the day ended with another friend taking me swimming in the sea – may sound silly but I am not that confident swimming in the sea, I spook easily with shadows underneath me, plus I freeze easily.  Anyway, I did it without the aid of a wet suit and it was beautiful, so refreshing.  My friend had a very close encounter, well too close for her liking, with one of those huge jelly fish that I posted here  neither of us could believe how big it was, seriously huge the top bit was a good 30cm plus across.

My daily photo from the garden is my geraniums in the front hedge looking lovely.