Bike trip through France and Spain

At the beginning of the month Mick and I took the motor bike over to France and drove down to Spain stopping at various sights and places on route.  A very enjoyable trip.  Here are some of the photos I took.

Thanks for looking. 🙂



Getting back into the swing of things.

Bernadette had some tulips the other day for painting and now that they are starting to go over I have pinched them for photographing lol.  so whilst Mick watched the rugby yesterday I popped out to the greenhouse with the vase of tulips and the trusty camera and tripod and indulged myself for a hour.  Here are some of the results, I used my 50mm lens, manual mode,  ISO 200, varying apertures from f5 – f11,  natural day light in the greenhouse, black sheet hung up behind, used live view for focusing.






Then in the evening I took a stroll to the church at the end of our road as I wanted to take this image in the dark to see what it was like – Mick has given it the title of ‘Golden Gate’ – which I thought was quite good lol  I did leave it a little late going out as I was having problems with the computer so it was very dark.  I used a 50mm lens, with and ISO of 400, f5 at 30 secs exposure.  I am pleased with it but may try it again a bit earlier in the evening and when it is not pouring with rain!!!


After I had finished photographing the path I walked down through the gate and enjoyed taking some light trails – always good fun in my books.  I liked this one the best as the trails go right down through the image.  Once again using a 50mm lens, ISO 200, f16 and 30 secs exposure.