Cee’s Black & White Challenge

Cee’s black and white challenge this week is Any Seating here is my contribution.  A slightly frosty bench in our local graveyard.  Thanks for looking.


Park Bench



A Victorian Market

Every December Truro holds a Victorian Market, this year I went along for a look around and took a couple of shots.  The traders there are more than happy for you to take their photos.  These two are my favourite.  I haven’t converted a photo to sepia before quite pleased with the effect but not 100% sure on it.





Toilet update

Some more from our first toilet trip last week.

Portloe – very clean and very useable.



St Just on the Roseland, although they don’t look overly great they are actually useable and are very popular, it took me ages to get the shots in the ladies and gents purely due to the amount of people using them. Which is a good sign, do hope they don’t get closed down and maybe a lick of paint instead.


I am only posting these today as we may have some very exciting news re this project in the next couple of days – so do watch this space.

Lets talk toilets :)

So some of you may have gathered from previous posts that a friend and I are doing a social documentary on the Cornish public toilets which you can read about here  and  here– if you wish, if not a brief run down is – we are taking photos of the public toilets left open and standing around Cornwall, inside and out, ladies and gents!! Last Wednesday we set off on our first trip and we were on the Roseland, we visited Veryan, Pendower Beach, Portloe, Gerrans and St Just in the Roseland.  We didn’t manage Carne Beach as there were too many cars and people when we got there, so it proved a bit difficult likewise with St Mawes, so they have been put on an evening visit list.  They will not escape us.

So here are some of the images I came up with from Veryan and Pendower Beach and a brief description of our findings! Photos of the outside can be seen here.


Very nice and clean and totally useable.  We did have to tolerate some workmen comments from the school opposite – to be honest I was a bit shocked as I thought wolf whistles and such comments as we received had gone out of fashion about 30 yrs ago lol




Pendower Beach

Hmm, now these toilets I have memories of when I was the manager at the Pre-School.  We use to take the children to Pendower Beach each year for an outing and these are th toilets we would have to take the children to when they needed to go.  I wouldn’t let the children touch anything, not that they wanted to! These photos are taken at the start of the season, I can assure you they will look very different come the end, in fact we may have to return!!

The ladies toilet, as I say at the mo, not too bad at the mo though not inviting at all.


Handwashing anyone!


And one from the gents – I would hate the guys to feel left out!


More next time!

The Cornish Toilet project has begun

In this post I wrote about a new project that I was going to be undertaking with a friend.  Well today we started it and we hit the public toilets on The Roseland, Cornwall.  This trip was somewhat of a tester to see if the idea was going to work and how we would find it – especially entering the gents toilets!!!  Also what reaction we would get from the public that we came across.  On the whole it was a great day, once we explained what we were doing and why to those members of the public we came across they were extremely supportive and thought it a great idea, wanting to know when and where they would be able to see the photos.  As we said it will take us awhile to put it all together.  We aren’t showing the photos just yet as we need to get some under our belt and decide what we shall be using and how.  So instead here are two telephone boxes that we came across today as well on our travels.  Both working, just as well as there is limited mobile signal in Veryan and none whatsoever in Portloe.





A new project is finally born

Today has been a pretty lazy day,  I met up with a friend who I haven’t seen for a few months.  We have been planning a photography project together for about a year now and due to personal commitments today was the first time we finally managed to talk about it and realise that we both had the same ideas about  the way the project should look.  Now the subject matter may seem a little odd and possibly somewhat unconventional but the idea has got us both somewhat inspired.

The background behind the idea came from us going on an evening out to the north coast to take photos, we both live on the south coast of Cornwall and it takes us around 45 -60 mins drive to get to the north coast so naturally by the time we have driven all that way we are in need of the toilet and surprisingly as we have discovered on a number of occasions there are not many around down this neck of the woods and  if we were lucky enough to find any they were often closed (especially if it was not the silly season (summer time). At the same time as we were discovering the lack of public conveniences in Cornwall, Cornwall council decided to close a number of them – much to the public annoyance.  So a simple remark by one of us about documenting the declining public conveniences in Cornwall led to our starting our first photographic project together. Which I am rather excited about.

As I said earlier in the post we have been talking about it for over a year now, but not had a chance to  discussed the finer details and ideas until today that is –  and it was great to find that we  both have similar ideas as to how we wanted to execute this project and what we want as an end result.   So over the next couple of weeks we shall put our list of toilets to visit and start the actual photographing – which could prove interesting and entertaining, no doubt there will be a few questions asked and a few raised eyebrows, but one thing for sure we will have a laugh. 

 The morning also proved to be a good kick up the backside for me re ideas and to start putting a journal together re the ideas I have, so that will be started over the weekend.


A shop one for starters lol  – delightful eh??



Waterlily Cottage

No great surprise but I am playing catch up with myself and my photos yet again, too much to photograph and not enough time to edit!!!! Not good.

Back in February I had the opportunity to photograph a holiday cottage in Probus, Waterlily Cottage  a nearby village (you can read about here on my other blog).  In June the lady asked me if I would go back and photograph the garden and outside of the cottage.  Naturally I was delighted to be asked back and even more delighted when the sun shone. Here is a small selection of the images I came up with, the owner requested some ‘quirky’ shots around the garden, as well the front of the property and the garden –  hope she is happy with them 🙂











 Oh and a view of the village.


Exhibition at St Austell Feast Week

Last year I was lucky enough (with two friends) to be involved in documenting the re-enactment performance of the Bread Riots that took place in St Austell 1847 (you can read about it here).  It is now that time of year again for St Austell Feast Week and today my colleague Dave and myself set up a small photography exhibition of some of the images we took during rehearsals and the first performance.  It was a great experience for us and once again challenging, the rehearsals and play took place in the cellar at St Austell brewery, so lighting was an issue, fast shutter speeds were needed and high ISO’s in order to prevent blurred images, so lots of flash used to assist. The exhibition is up for the whole week in the Old Market Place in the top room with the Old Cornwall Society display.

IMG_1219 IMG_1218 IMG_1217 IMG_1216