Star Wars

Back in Nov 2016 I decided to crochet a Star Wars theme blanket for my eldest daughters boyfriend’s birthday in May 2017. Well 18 month’s later I finally finished it. I did complete other projects during that time. It has turned out much bigger than I had intended due to my inexperience with crocheting. I have learnt a lot from this blanket, especially regrading how different hook sized can affect the size of items. I will never crochet in black again nor will I do the solid granny square. I struggled to complete this project due to the lack of colour and motivation – basically I found it so boring!!! It consists of 575 squares and 2 rows of single crochet for a border. I will be honest and say the first time I saw it in its full glory was when I saw the photo on my phone. I am absolutely thrilled to pieces with it as is Chris – well he has to be as he has no option, he has been very patient waiting for it as well lol. Now to complete something small!

3A5C772A-BC57-41F1-9AFF-E6B6EE818840Yarn used was Stylecraft Special double knit. I lost count of how many balls!!


A photo a week challenge: Natural Monuments

I wanted to have a go at this challenge but discovered I don’t have many photos of natural monuments, obviously I need to think about this in future 🙂  I did manage to find these two though, both taken at Helmor Tor, one of the many Tor’s of Cornwall.  Both taken in the evening, the first this June and it was a dull damp evening (the forecast sunset did not happen!!!)  The second taken the same time last year – a much better evening. 🙂






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Cee’s Black & White Challenge

 Another first for me, taking part in Cee’s Black and White Challenge.  I love b & w photography but an area I struggle with, so maybe taking part in this challenge will help me work on it.

                                                                                      Pen 13A taken in Saint-Nazaire, France

Pen 13A


Linking up with Cee’s black and white challenge  – thank you for organising it.

Beauty in Decay – Peony

Before I went away last week I had cut some Peonies from the garden and they were in the lounge.  In my usual forgetful mode I left them in the vase and went off on holiday.  When we returned on Sunday back they had died beautifully will the petals still in place, so on Monday after all the post holiday washing was done I carefully carried them out to the green house for a photo-shoot to add to my Beauty in Decay Project.




  Although it was a dull and drizzly day on Sunday we went for a stroll around Charlestown which is a lovely little fishing harbour in mid Cornwall, very popular in the summer with the holiday makers and very popular for period film sets.  The remake of Poldark was filmed here last summer.

It was nice to see four ships in the harbour as there has only been one – the Phoenix for most of last year, I thought the others had been sold.  Not the best shot of them – my excuse it was wet and windy and rather cold!!


IMG_1693-b&w                                                                                IMG_1689 You can see these images in their colour version over on my other blog MeMyCameraEye with a couple more from the walk.

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