Lost Gardens of Heligan Part 2

Following of from yesterday’s post about Heligan here are some more images that I took,  the flower garden is looking and smelling amazing at the moment.


Thank you for looking. 🙂





Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration

Well like most photographers I find inspiration all around me but some things connect with me more than others, the same for everyone really.  I will have a go at photographing most things but one of the subjects I always find myself coming back to is flowers.  Over the last year I have been taking photos of dead flowers for a change and really enjoy it.

Our eldest daughter changed jobs in July and she was bought some flowers which she brought home with her and at the right moment I moved them into the greenhouse to die off a bit more, then on Sunday I actually found the time to get out there.

So at the moment this is my inspiration, before I have done them in black and white but I really love the colours in these so trying it out.

Thanks for looking. 🙂

IMG_1108-w IMG_1111-w

To see what inspires others follow the link below.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

Beauty in Decay – Peony

Before I went away last week I had cut some Peonies from the garden and they were in the lounge.  In my usual forgetful mode I left them in the vase and went off on holiday.  When we returned on Sunday back they had died beautifully will the petals still in place, so on Monday after all the post holiday washing was done I carefully carried them out to the green house for a photo-shoot to add to my Beauty in Decay Project.




We took a walk over to the Dobman on Saturday, although very sunny there was still a chilly wind that left me feeling a little cold and in need of warming up when we got home.  The foxgloves are starting to appear but there are not as many as there have been in previous years, still beautiful though.

This is my contribution for the weekly photo challenge – vivid.  One of the many snaps I too whilst we walked along trying to find my mojo as we go!IMG_1930

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”

Red Rose

I asked Mick last week, if he was passing any supermarket and they had some reduced flowers could he get me some for my photo project.  Well they didn’t have any so he bought me a bunch of different coloured roses and some tulips :).  The roses were such pretty colours together that I had to take a photo before they died – which is happening very quickly, they never last long 😦 the tulips that normally go over in a day or two are still going strong lol  This is one of the red ones, decided to keep it in colour for a change, though I am loving my black and white at the moment.

Red Rose