Star Wars

Back in Nov 2016 I decided to crochet a Star Wars theme blanket for my eldest daughters boyfriend’s birthday in May 2017. Well 18 month’s later I finally finished it. I did complete other projects during that time. It has turned out much bigger than I had intended due to my inexperience with crocheting. I have learnt a lot from this blanket, especially regrading how different hook sized can affect the size of items. I will never crochet in black again nor will I do the solid granny square. I struggled to complete this project due to the lack of colour and motivation – basically I found it so boring!!! It consists of 575 squares and 2 rows of single crochet for a border. I will be honest and say the first time I saw it in its full glory was when I saw the photo on my phone. I am absolutely thrilled to pieces with it as is Chris – well he has to be as he has no option, he has been very patient waiting for it as well lol. Now to complete something small!

3A5C772A-BC57-41F1-9AFF-E6B6EE818840Yarn used was Stylecraft Special double knit. I lost count of how many balls!!

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