My Me made May summer top.

I fell in love with this top the moment I saw it as a free gift with Sew Now magazine.


I didn’t make it straight away as I wasn’t sure what fabric to use and I had a trip to the Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia coming up, so hoped I would find something there – I actually found slots and lots there!!  This was my chosen fabric, I bought 2m’s.


It is beautifully floatly, super cool to wear and has a wonderful drape.  Unfortunately I don’t know the blend of fibres. I was a little nervous to sew with it as I haven’t really sewn much in the past with ‘slippery’ fabrics. Prior to staring it  I did take my overlocker in for a long over due service and I am so very glad I did, it is a dream to work with now and will be sewing a lot more garments over the next few months!  I did take extra time to tack the seams prior to sewing to avoid the fabric slipping whilst stitching.

The pattern itself is very easy to follow, I made view B, I thought the tie might be a bit tricky but not at all, the instructions are very clear.


I did wash and press the fabric before cutting out.  I have never washed fabric before when sewing but I really didn’t want this to shrink once it was made. Washing fabric is a new habit I am encouraging on my journey back into sewing.   I even have enough fabric left to make a camisole top.


My overlocker doing it’s stuff and below the end result!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this top and will definitely be making it again as well as some of the other views.  This top has easily become part of my everyday wardrobe.


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