My Crochet Journey – Part 2

As I stated in Part 1 of my Crochet Journey post, I am not very good at practising new skills I like to be able to create something whilst practising.  So having completed a few basic stitches and got the hang of them I searched for a square to do and found the sunburst square and tackled that, once again with the assistance of a Bella Coco video.  The result is below, not perfect but good enough to warrant a wool purchase to start my first ever crochet project, a blanket for me 😁


Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the blanket in progress – probably because I was just too excited for words at watching it grow before my eyes but more amazed by the fact that I was actually creating it!!

The end result is this


I am still in love with it as much now as when I made it.  I have learnt a lot since completing this blanket, my tension has improved and my sewing in of ends is greatly improved.

Wool used is Stylecraft Aran, the cream is Hayfield Bonus, 5mm hook.



3 thoughts on “My Crochet Journey – Part 2

  1. OMG, the number of tails you must have had to weave in for this beauty! LOL 😀 I’m like you in that I need to be creating something while practising a new skill. Until now I have yet to create my first gauge swatch 😀 😀


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