Pleated top.

I was taught dressmaking by my mother and grandmother, first by hand (not my favourite way) then I was allowed to use grandma’s  Jones treadle machine, which I still have! I would make clothes for my dolls, as I got older I moved onto making my own clothes.  Mum and I could spend a whole day in Gordon Thodays (fabric shop), sitting upstairs going through all the pattern books and downstairs to choose our fabrics, it was what Saturdays were made for!!

Living in Cornwall now I am restricted to 1 fabric shop locally so I am learning to shop online for fabric these days.   I discovered Fabrics Galore through Love Sewing magazine 48 and one of their free patterns, I loved the fabric they had used for the top but it was all sold out by the time I logged on, hardly surprising as it is lovely.

These were my first 2 fabric online purchases from Fabrics Galore.


Although neither are colours I would normally choose, I fell in love with them! I had planned to make the top from Love Sewing magazine 48 with them, the lilac and green is completed and I am pleased with it.  The pattern is a pdf download and very easy to follow, ideal for refreshing my sewing skills.


My version,


I will make this top again but next time I shall use a lighter fabric with more drape properties that will accentuate the pleat detail and possibly a plain fabric.

I haven’t used the orange fabric yet as I am now thinking more of a dress, shorts or a skirt rather than top.  I have also made the skirt on the front top right corner from this issue as well but that’s another post.



2 thoughts on “Pleated top.

  1. I love making my own clothes but not often do I get the chance nowadays, I do not like buying online as I like to see and feel and there is nowhere here to buy material. Love your top. Take care Diane


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