First play with the Olympus TG4 – underwater camera.

So for some time now I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a waterproof camera, not because I go diving or even swimming in the sea much but I do like exploring rock pools and playing in the waves and as we all know sea water and cameras do not go well together. I have spent a lot of time reading different reviews and trying to decide if I should just buy a waterproof casing for my Canon G15 or buy a specifically designed underwater camera.  The reviews I read all say the image quality is not that great, so why spend the money on another camera that is not going to give good quality images. In the end I decided not to buy a casing for my G15 for the reason that if the camera died or I upgraded it I would be left with an expensive casing and if the casing failed at any time I would have lost the camera as well.  So the decision was to buy an underwater camera purely for playing in the water with, although this means I end up with two compact cameras – not ideal but I don’t really want to swap my G15 for anything at the moment as it is a great little compact.  So it was back to the review reading, each time I thought I had made my mind up on the best one to get I would read a negative review and that would send right back to square one.   So at last I settled on an Olympus TG4 but then I read some comments re uploading raw files and not being able to open them.  Thankfully a number of chaps at the camera club are using Olympus cameras so I emailed one of them and asked if he had any problems, to which he doesn’t.  On chatting I explained what I was looking at and why – it turned out that he had bought the TG4 for his wife in Sept for a trip to New Zealand, she took two photos with it and never looked at it again!! If I wanted to have a look at it and a play I was more than welcome as he was looking to sell it!! Talk about meant to be – even more so when he said it was red as that was the colour I was after! 

So last Sunday afternoon even though the weather wasn’t great I took myself off to one of the local beaches Towan Beach to have a play and try out some of the different settings.  Admittedly I think there are a number of settings that I may never use but it will be nice to try them out at some stage.  So far I have had a play with the underwater macro mode, panorama mode, landscape, sports (on waves), aperture priority and microscopic mode (which I think is going to be my favourite). 

Below are some of the images for you to see.  I am not disappointed and once the warmer weather arrives I will get a lot of use out of it, of that I am sure. 

The first show the microscopic mode – none are cropped. 



A sea anemone, I was pleased with the colours on this. Unfortunately they were all asleep whilst I was there. 






The next two I used the sports mode for the waves.  As you can see by the colour of the sky it was a very dull damp day. 



I need to practise with the panorama mode – it takes three images and then stitches them together but I obviously didn’t keep it very straight lol. 

I am really looking forward to playing with this some more, especially when I can get in the water and test it properly. 


6 thoughts on “First play with the Olympus TG4 – underwater camera.

  1. Wow what fun and I love the photos you have taken, the colours under water are so sharp. Now if only we lived near the coast! Take care and looking forward to some more underwater shots. Diane

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