A New Year a New Start

It feels like it has been a long time since I actually managed to get out with the camera (well it has been a long time) with the intention and motivation to take any photos as I have become lazy and tend to use my phone a lot these days and don’t actually put much thought into what I am taking to be honest – maybe that is the side effect of doing a 365 project (yes I actually completed it last year – not to be repeated I hasten to add!).

I have decided not to make any New Year Resolutions this year as I never stick with them, just like millions of others across the world, instead I am just applying the following to my life  ‘Change, Let go and Move On’ it covers just about everything in a roundabout way and it is what I feel my life needs right now, not that there is anything wrong with my life but it does need some minor alterations and tweaks here and there and 2016 is the year for them I feel.

So first off is a change and that is to stop saying I don’t have the time to get out with the camera and actually get out and take some photos purely for me and no one else, take what I like regardless of whether others ‘get it’ or not, regardless of whether it has been taken a thousand times before by thousands before me – if I like it I will take it – and here is the first Mevagissey Lighthouse, photographed by all those that visit Meva – this angle has been taken time and time again but this is the first time I have taken it from this angle and I like it.  I have even been a dare devil and played with presets in LR and added a vignette – so three firsts in one photo lol

This is the first of a new project that has been swimming around my head for a number of months now – so many it could be a year or two!!!  I love just sitting on the beach and listening and watching the waves, so I shall be exploring wave images with my camera and seeing what I come up with.



Is anyone else starting a new project this year?


6 thoughts on “A New Year a New Start

  1. I love the lighthouse photo … it’s brilliant.

    I know where you’re coming from re the photography. I’m in exactly the same place and am trying to do exactly what you’re doing, which is take photos to please myself even if they’ve been done a thousand times before by others. I will have a project of some sort this year but I don’t know what yet … all ideas welcome!


  2. No thoughts just the usual. Not a lot around us here to pick a theme, everything seems to change all the time as well, so I will just carry on with my daily diary as to what is happening on the day concerned – at the moment it just keeps raining! The other two blogs will jast happen when I have time for them.Love your sea shots, sadly a bit far for me to pop out and take photos of waves! All the best for 2016 Diane


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