St Mawes

I had a gap at work today and as I was at work I decided to park up and photograph the telephone boxes down there as they have four!!  It was very quiet and cold when I was there so I had a little wander around as you do when you have time to kill.  The gig rowers were just heading out, I was wrapped up but some of them were in shorts and vest tops, made me feel even colder, though I know they will warm up very quickly.



These all petrol pumps are a part of St Mawes and I have always taken them for granted – like so many things we see on regular basis – or don’t see I should say!!  Think this must be the first time I have stopped and taken a photo.

So onto the three telephone boxes that I hadn’t photographed before, one by Lloyds bank,



 One as you leave the main car park to walk through St Mawes main street,


and this one I found by accident yesterday in someone’s drive, I had got lost going to a new house and found myself in a dead end so was turning round when I spotted this 🙂

So all in all a good day.  For my afternoon’s entertainment – seal spotting, see my other blog here



2 thoughts on “St Mawes

  1. Great post but I particularly love the petrol pumps they are wonderful. Reminds me of my Dad’ s petrol station in the early 50’s. Are the phone boxes still in use. Many seen to have been made into other thing. I like the ones with the library in. Take care have a good weekend Diane


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