Dying Lillies



4 thoughts on “Dying Lillies

  1. Beautiful B&W image.

    One of my Christmas presents to myself (so that I always get something I want!) was the ’52 Weekend Digital Photo Projects’ book which may form the basis of my 365 photos as I work through the various techniques (although I’ll take longer than 52 weeks to finish the book). My first choice is a series of time lapse photos of a flower to show it from full bloom, through the various stages as it dies off. I can’t start until the new year as it will need to be set up and remain in the same place on the dining room table, but stupidly I have invited friends round for a take away on New Year Eve and the table will be needed for eats!


    1. Like the sound of the book. I have been thinking of doing this project for a long time but only got my act together over the last month or so and really enjoying the results as well as choosing the flowers to use. Look forward to seeing yours. x


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