Revisiting the hard drive.

I have to confess to being dreadful at backing up my photos, silly really as I will be devastated if I lost them all.  So for the last couple of hours I have sat here and gone through the photos taken this year that are on my PC and deleted what I don’t want and surprised myself with one’s that I have found that I had forgotten I had taken and they are now being transferred to an external hard drive as I type.  My plan is that in future I will back up each time I upload, telling myself if I get into this habit then I will save on duplication on the external hard drive and not have to worry about possible losses!!! First NYR’s made lol.

Anyway last year I started a project that I like the idea of but when I started it I soon found that it didn’t really grab me, but I have always like these images from it. So continuing with the black and white’s that I have been posting this week here are two more.  An hour spent wandering around the Jaguar garage at night time – the result I fell in love with them lol – much to my husband dismay!








2 thoughts on “Revisiting the hard drive.

  1. I understand your problem!! I still have to sort my photos as well. I was up to date at the start of the year but haven’t moved any off the PC since about June. I need to set up a system but haven’t hit on a practical one yet!


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