Back to reality

 Just had a week away in Sharm El Sheikh.  It was all a new experience for Mick for a number of reasons, 1) Never been there before, 2) when on holiday we usually go off exploring the area (this was not to be done here), 3) never been away this time of year before, 4) first hot holiday on our own in 21 years (no girls).  So before booking we accepted that it would be a week of relaxing, swimming, snorkelling and being confined to quarters almost.  I was a bit concerned as I don’t do relaxation well at all, so I took a book, magazine and of cause camera and lens.  Well I must have been in need of doing nothing as for the first two days I laid on the beach soaking up the sun, swimming, snorkelling and eating.  Yep I learnt very quickly to relax and really enjoyed it and feel I have benefitted from it greatly.  Over the week I did read my book (finished on the plane home) but I didn’t actually pick up the camera until the last day.  I did use a couple of underwater disposable cameras and my compact but I had a real break from taking photos as well, which initially I felt a bit ashamed of but then thought about it and realised that it had done me good as well.  Because when I did pick up the dslr I really really enjoyed it, something that has been lacking for awhile with me.

So just a couple for now, I don’t normally do the photo out of the plane window but couldn’t resist this one.


This was my view for the holiday



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