Time flies

Well it seems an absolute age since I last wrote a post and I guess it is really.  August just seemed to have arrived and disappeared in a flurry of activities and ups and downs.  I can’t believe that the last time I wrote a post I was saying we may have some exciting news re our toilet project and that news now seems in the dim distance past, though I am sure it will keep popping up every now and again.  The news was that our project made it’s way into two of the local papers, the West Briton and The Cornish Guardian did a story on it.  Have to say I found it all a little funny but was surprised by the response we had from it.  Yes there was the odd unpleasant comment on fb but the emails we have had have been very supportive and encouraging.  We were even contacted by the British Toilet Association (yes there is such a thing!!) asking if we would like to write a small article for their magazine!!  So naturally we did. Our collection of photos is gradually growing and we shall be back out there this week, now most of the holiday makers are gone and the children are back at school.  We had to stop for a bit as we found ourselves queuing to photograph the toilets!!

Other news in the photography world is I gave in and bought myself the Sigma 50mm lens as I really wasn’t happy with the 50mm lens I had, so far this is proving to be a great purchase.

The telephone box project is still going well and I get a number of regular emails telling me where I can find some.  Saw a white one last night in Newquay but I didn’t have my camera with me 😦 – a return trip is planned.

A random photo of a rock and some plants.




4 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. Glad all is well and that you have a new lens. I am lacking in computer of my own at the moment, mine ‘died’ last week. Very frustrating and we could have done without the expense of a new one but it will have to be! Take care Diane


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