Lets talk toilets :)

So some of you may have gathered from previous posts that a friend and I are doing a social documentary on the Cornish public toilets which you can read about here  and  here– if you wish, if not a brief run down is – we are taking photos of the public toilets left open and standing around Cornwall, inside and out, ladies and gents!! Last Wednesday we set off on our first trip and we were on the Roseland, we visited Veryan, Pendower Beach, Portloe, Gerrans and St Just in the Roseland.  We didn’t manage Carne Beach as there were too many cars and people when we got there, so it proved a bit difficult likewise with St Mawes, so they have been put on an evening visit list.  They will not escape us.

So here are some of the images I came up with from Veryan and Pendower Beach and a brief description of our findings! Photos of the outside can be seen here.


Very nice and clean and totally useable.  We did have to tolerate some workmen comments from the school opposite – to be honest I was a bit shocked as I thought wolf whistles and such comments as we received had gone out of fashion about 30 yrs ago lol




Pendower Beach

Hmm, now these toilets I have memories of when I was the manager at the Pre-School.  We use to take the children to Pendower Beach each year for an outing and these are th toilets we would have to take the children to when they needed to go.  I wouldn’t let the children touch anything, not that they wanted to! These photos are taken at the start of the season, I can assure you they will look very different come the end, in fact we may have to return!!

The ladies toilet, as I say at the mo, not too bad at the mo though not inviting at all.


Handwashing anyone!


And one from the gents – I would hate the guys to feel left out!


More next time!


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