The Cornish Toilet project has begun

In this post I wrote about a new project that I was going to be undertaking with a friend.  Well today we started it and we hit the public toilets on The Roseland, Cornwall.  This trip was somewhat of a tester to see if the idea was going to work and how we would find it – especially entering the gents toilets!!!  Also what reaction we would get from the public that we came across.  On the whole it was a great day, once we explained what we were doing and why to those members of the public we came across they were extremely supportive and thought it a great idea, wanting to know when and where they would be able to see the photos.  As we said it will take us awhile to put it all together.  We aren’t showing the photos just yet as we need to get some under our belt and decide what we shall be using and how.  So instead here are two telephone boxes that we came across today as well on our travels.  Both working, just as well as there is limited mobile signal in Veryan and none whatsoever in Portloe.






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