A new project is finally born

Today has been a pretty lazy day,  I met up with a friend who I haven’t seen for a few months.  We have been planning a photography project together for about a year now and due to personal commitments today was the first time we finally managed to talk about it and realise that we both had the same ideas about  the way the project should look.  Now the subject matter may seem a little odd and possibly somewhat unconventional but the idea has got us both somewhat inspired.

The background behind the idea came from us going on an evening out to the north coast to take photos, we both live on the south coast of Cornwall and it takes us around 45 -60 mins drive to get to the north coast so naturally by the time we have driven all that way we are in need of the toilet and surprisingly as we have discovered on a number of occasions there are not many around down this neck of the woods and  if we were lucky enough to find any they were often closed (especially if it was not the silly season (summer time). At the same time as we were discovering the lack of public conveniences in Cornwall, Cornwall council decided to close a number of them – much to the public annoyance.  So a simple remark by one of us about documenting the declining public conveniences in Cornwall led to our starting our first photographic project together. Which I am rather excited about.

As I said earlier in the post we have been talking about it for over a year now, but not had a chance to  discussed the finer details and ideas until today that is –  and it was great to find that we  both have similar ideas as to how we wanted to execute this project and what we want as an end result.   So over the next couple of weeks we shall put our list of toilets to visit and start the actual photographing – which could prove interesting and entertaining, no doubt there will be a few questions asked and a few raised eyebrows, but one thing for sure we will have a laugh. 

 The morning also proved to be a good kick up the backside for me re ideas and to start putting a journal together re the ideas I have, so that will be started over the weekend.


A shop one for starters lol  – delightful eh??




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