Exhibition at St Austell Feast Week

Last year I was lucky enough (with two friends) to be involved in documenting the re-enactment performance of the Bread Riots that took place in St Austell 1847 (you can read about it here).  It is now that time of year again for St Austell Feast Week and today my colleague Dave and myself set up a small photography exhibition of some of the images we took during rehearsals and the first performance.  It was a great experience for us and once again challenging, the rehearsals and play took place in the cellar at St Austell brewery, so lighting was an issue, fast shutter speeds were needed and high ISO’s in order to prevent blurred images, so lots of flash used to assist. The exhibition is up for the whole week in the Old Market Place in the top room with the Old Cornwall Society display.

IMG_1219 IMG_1218 IMG_1217 IMG_1216


5 thoughts on “Exhibition at St Austell Feast Week

  1. I somehow managed to miss this post!

    The prints look very good …. please can you tell me what size are they and where you got them printed? ‘I am considering some large prints for the dining room but can only print up to A4 on my current printer.


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