Monthly photo group meet.

Wednesday evening was the monthly ‘Photo Group’ meet up.  A small group of us meet up once a month to talk about photography and photographers.  Each month we pick another theme to look at or photographer/s.  We decided last month that we would look at portraiture as a whole.  Unfortunately come the evening the group was reduced to just three of us due to work commitments and family ties – which can’t be helped.  Nevertheless the three of us had a good chat and enjoyed the evening.  I find it really interesting how a number of people can look at an image or a photographers work and come up with different interpretations on the images we are looking at.  The same way when  a group photograph the same scene – you all get a different result.  Whilst I was exploring the internet looking at different photographers I came across this website   which I found really interesting and enjoyed looking at the different photographers on there and then exploring them more, it is certainly a site I shall be returning to.

The next two images are by Richard Avedon from the site that I really liked, in fact I liked a lot of his stuff.  I love black and white but for me his images show character and personality in his subjects, which made me wonder what they were like in real life. Sometimes I find this missing in portraits, they come across flat and lifeless, admittedly that may be what the author intended but not always – I am sure.



Another photographer whose work I admire is Annie Leibovitz and I particularly like this image of Meryl Streep by her.

I do like outdoor portraits and this one has it all for me.


One member of the group had really enjoyed watching this documentary earlier in the year, he liked the story of the project and had been inspired to research Harry Hook more.

Another one, who is new to photography had been given this book by her nephew for her birthday.  It is a lovely pocket sized book with some great tips in it,  not only for the novice photographer but for anyone looking for some fresh ideas if their mojo is fading slightly.  Tempted with it myself. 🙂

I think we can all learn a lot about our chosen hobby by spending time with others and talking about it.  By starting this group I have found myself researching photographers that I would never have done before, as well as being introduced to others by the other members of the group, it is good to look at what others do, not just the famous but local photographers, friends, strangers on flickr or other media sharing sites, blogs, anywhere you can.  I have also found it good to get away from the ‘camera club’ style of photography and expectations of what makes a good photo or not!!!  But camera club is another subject and although I am Vice President (sounds very grand but means nothing lol) of our local cc I am probably the most non conformist cc VP they have ever had!!!

For the next month we are choosing up to three photographers whose work we admire and inspire us and to show any images we have taken that are a result of these authors. As I chose mine I shall share them with you.

I wonder how many of you reading this belong to a camera club or photo group, do you find them useful, is your’s a teaching group or just competitions?  Where do you find your inspiration from?  I would love for you to leave me a comment sharing your inspiration with me and any sites or photographers whose work you like.

If you have made it to the end of this post, well done and thank you for reading it. 🙂





One thought on “Monthly photo group meet.

  1. I’m not really a club or group person, I did belong to a group, very relaxed, that just went places to take pictures, but it was so laid back there wasn’t even any image sharing. I left the group as I felt it wasn’t helping me develop as a photographer, so now I work on my own again. I must admit to being very lazy in not really researching the work of other photographers – just have too many other things on the go at the moment.
    Joy x x


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