100 Happy Days – 45

Today has been such a good happy day all round that it is impossible to pick one thing for my Happy photo, though I guess it helps that I only managed to photograph one of them lol – another telephone box for the collection.  This one is in Pentewan Village where I met a friend this morning to walk the Pentewan Trail, then a cuppa in the sun, a perfect morning.


 After that it was home to find Mick had bought pasties for lunch – delicious, then some scrapbooking and the day ended with another friend taking me swimming in the sea – may sound silly but I am not that confident swimming in the sea, I spook easily with shadows underneath me, plus I freeze easily.  Anyway, I did it without the aid of a wet suit and it was beautiful, so refreshing.  My friend had a very close encounter, well too close for her liking, with one of those huge jelly fish that I posted here  neither of us could believe how big it was, seriously huge the top bit was a good 30cm plus across.

My daily photo from the garden is my geraniums in the front hedge looking lovely.



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