A Day of gardening

Whilst in one of our local garden centres the other day having a mooch with a friend, I had the sudden idea of asking the owner if she came around to people’s gardens and advised re planting etc, she said yes and this morning she turned up and went round the garden taking photos and coming up with suggestions for much needed improvement.  She has headed off and will email me plant names that will do better in my garden than what I have at the moment and left me with a list of jobs to be getting on with 🙂  to say I am happy about this is an under statement. So the before photos have been taken.

First off this corner, it gets the sun for the best part of the day and anything and everything that was up until last year, the front bit use to be full of dahlias but they vanished 😦 and nothing wants to grow there a the moment.   At the back in the corner is an escallonia but Sarah said had to come out and the perris needed a little prune.  That and the azaleas need to be moved in the spring to the other side of the garden and the roses that are on that side brought over to this side.


So for today I gave a slight prune to the perris, the escallonia is all but out, the root is way to thick for me to get out and will only disturb the fence so it may have to stay, had a bit of a tidy up, moved the stones – which I have been looking to do for awhile, (didn’t get around to digging out the grass)   and this is the result.  Hopefully you can see the difference!


Next on the list to go was the jasmine that was completely in the wrong location and has done nothing for a few years, the rose has to go as well but I am reluctant to get rid of that even though in the wrong location, as my mum gave it to me not long after we moved here 😦  Sorry for the very poor quality image, I didn’t realise it was so bad until I uploaded it (it has been very sunny here today) guess I should of removed the rubbish as well.  Please note the car door is only there until the insurance company sorts out our daughters accident claim then it will be gone along with the green boxes. Remnants of the garage roof being done!!!


The Jasmine did test my sawing skills but eventually it was all gone and I tied the rose in place until I decide what to do with that. Having this photo as my daily photo as well (169)


So all in all, very pleased with myself.


My Happy 100 Days photo is this one, I found a large number of snails today so put them in a potting tray outside and two were climbing up the side and one decided to hitch a ride then a smaller one did as well, it was funny watching them slowly slide back down


Eventually they gave up and had a sleep,




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