Photo experience

On May 12th I had the opportunity to photograph the Retail Awards ceremony at St Austell College. This included documenting the whole days events from preparation to the actual show, which started at 8pm. We started photographing at 9.45am and stopped at 9.30pm, to say the day was exhausting is truly an understatement.  Thankfully I roped three friends in to help me and it was just as well ad I could not have covered the whole event without them.  The most challenging part of the event for us was the stage lighting.  The theme for the show was Kaleidoscope, seven groups of students making up the rainbow, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange & rainbow, each group had their lighting to suit their colour.  So the lighting was changing all the time.  Plus with it being dark we had to really push the ISO up in order to achieve a fast shutter speed to capture the movement of the students and keep the photos sharp.  The only disadvantage with high ISO is digital noise, which ideally we didn’t want but in the end we had to go with it.  The other problem was aperture size, we needed it large (f2.8-f4) in order to let as much light in as possible but then we have a shallow depth of field, which once again we didn’t want, but had to live with. We tried using flash but this blew all the colours out even when we lowered the flash strength right down.  All in all it was an amazing learning kerb for the four of us.  We are meeting up today to see the selection we have (in my case relatively small compared to the number I took – well ones that I am really happy with anyway lol) Below are a few of them, you can see others on my other blog MeMyCameraEye


Red rehearsal



Green rehearsal


Orange rehearsal (yes that is hair!)


Blue rehearsal  (blue was the worst, they were using UV light, when they first came on stage all you could see were dark shadows moving around lol)


Thank you for looking.


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