A surprise find

We popped over to Looe on Tues to have a walk around, unfortunately it was raining when we got there so we settled for a cuppa at the brother in laws and a catch up, instead.  Afterwards we took a drive through Looe then onto Liskeard, on the way we passed this wonderful find just outside a place called ‘Horningtops’.  So glad I have an understanding hubby who is happy to stop for me to add another box to my collection. This one is working, though has ivy growing in the box and is near enough in the middle of nowhere, the road would not be one to walk along at night to get to the box!!




4 thoughts on “A surprise find

  1. Did you know that there are three places in Cornwall where the red phone boxes were converted to lending libraries (books) when they were decommissioned. I don’t know if they are still full of books, whether you’d want to add them as part of your project or whether they are too far away but the three places are Kenwyn, Feock and Cargreen.


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