Being slack

Ok so I have been somewhat slack when it comes to blogging lately not only on here but also on my other blog .  It is not because I have lost interest but purely due to a major lack of time lately, by the time I get to sit down I really can’t be bothered to turn on the computer and start blogging, I find that I just want to quieten my mind before hitting the sack.  Since I last blogged I seemed to have found a seat on life’s roller coaster and I am still coming to themes with.  Unfortunately I am the sort of person who very rarely says “no” when asked to do anything and I have this habit of taking on too much and then not achieving what I want to – I am sure many reading this can relate to what I am saying.

One of the things I found myself saying yes to was the chance to photograph a local holiday cottage for a lady who needed photos for her website. I haven’t really done much interior work before so it was a new challenge for me, one that I really enjoyed.  I found it difficult in some rooms with the contrast of the light from the windows and the light in the room, plus it was a white sky outside.  Still I am happy with what I produced for a first attempt and thankfully she is delighted.










On top of this a colleague and I have agreed to take some photos for St Austell library.  They have a reading tree in the garden which has had some wonderful carving work done to it, depicting children’s stories.  They want some photos for it to create a book mark and brochure.  So that should be fun if the sun ever comes out permitting us chance to take the photos!!  Plus the one I am really excited about the Hair and Beauty awards ceremony date is finally set for the 12th May.  I have asked two friends to help me with this one, as the catering and hospitality departments are involved with putting on a lunch for the dignitaries attending, preparations for the whole event, the cat walk and portfolio shots to cover for around 80 students.  I have also gained permission to go in during the run up to the actual show so we can story book the whole event.

So all in all my little camera is going to be rather busy and I shall be rather happy 🙂


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