Water play

Next week at camera club it is the creative workshop which I am helping to run!!  So today is was time to play and practise some of the techniques we are going to be showing the members.  The first idea was, oil and water, apparently very simple but not for me, think I may be using the wrong oil, so I gave up on that and will go back to it another day.  Then it was water play, dropping items into a vase of water, much more up my street. This I enjoyed but to perfect it I need a bigger glass container like a fish tank, (ours has fish in and don’t think they would too impressed if I started dropping fruit in on them!!) and for my flash to work off camera and I don’t have said cord or remote trigger 😦 still enjoyed my play and will be borrowing a second flash from a friend so I can try again over the weekend. 🙂

Here is the first one using a Satsuma, which was a bit heavy for my vase, I then tried a plum but that sank completely and didn’t work at all.  I had eaten all the grapes……


so tried a radish instead



The focus isn’t spot on so need to work on that over the weekend and the second flash will assist with the lighting.


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