Daily Photo – Day 4

This is my raised bed which was my birthday pressie from my husband last year, still with sprouts and leeks in it.  Really looking forward to planting it up again this year. It has the guards round to stop the bunny rabbits from getting in there!!  Then there is the greenhouse which is home to my grape vine and salad throughout the summers months.  During the winter it is home to Amanda’s guinea pig and hutch, gives her a little extra warmth.  In front of the greenhouse is the pond with a selection of pots around it.


So there you have it the tour around the outside of the house and the garden.


4 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Day 4

  1. I’ve been considering raised beds in my garden. Is there any particular reason why you chose them, if you don’t mind me asking. I still haven’t made up my mind.


    1. Hi Eileen, it was easier to get mick to agree to raised beds than a plot. I actually prefer it as it is all contained neatly. I would have another but he isn’t keen – he hates gardening. lol. x


  2. Looking lovely and tidy Karen x I know how much joy the raised bed gave you last year and I am sure mick is pleased that he built it for you. I wonder what you will grow in 2014???
    Hugs Yvonne


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