New daily project

So here we are the start of  a New Year and the start of one of a few photo projects I shall be doing this year.  This is a photo a day project which I have not been that successful at before, I usually get to July and then it all falls apart when I go on holiday and I never seem to catch up after that, which has just made me realise I shall have to compromise on some images this year due to my theme – hey ho.
So my theme for this project is ‘My Home’, mainly my garden but with an option to use indoors as well. I shall spend the first few days introducing you to the garden and then hopefully as the weather improves you can watch it grow throughout the year.



So this is a view of the front hedges, not the best place for plants to grow, it is usually full of daffodils but in a mad moment last year I dug most of them up.  Ideally I would like it to be covered in ground covering plants with some colour all/or most of the year round.  Last year I bought a couple of alpines which seem to have taken so fingers crossed they flower. On each corner by the gate I have geraniums growing, I do not dig them up each year as I should, they seem happy enough with being left out and flower each year, so I leave them.  Tomorrow we shall move inside the gate.


4 thoughts on “New daily project

  1. When you go on holiday, wherever you stay can be your ‘home away from home’ – no excuses!

    I’ll probably end up doing the same as you, extending the scope to include my home, because I think I will run out of photo opportunities before the year is out.


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